Three Weeks To Go

Three weeks left and the upper and lower decks have been stained, the crown molding has been installed, and brick work is still being done. The changes are settle at the moment but we are still waiting on approved re-inspections for the city to proceed. Keep watching!

Exterior and Basement Updates

Here is another update on the Accomac project for you! The front exterior has received a new coat of paint to brighten up the buildings presence. The basement floor has been repaired and the basement walls have been scraped. It’s time to get the basement walls water proofed and sealed. Stay tuned :-)

Renovation Update 2

Things are still underway at Accomac! The brickwork has been completed on the front portion of the house and spot tuckpointing is soon to come. The guys were in the basement working away, scraping the walls in preparation for water proofing. The concrete floor is being patched where the sewer line was repaired and the bathrooms will be completed soon. Stay tuned!!!

Video Tour of The House Under Construction

In the video below Mark Jackson gives you a tour of the home for sale at 2748 Accomac Street, St. Louis, Missouri 63104 during the renovation project.

What do you think of the house?

Renovation Underway

This project is underway, we must complete the repairs in accordance to St. Louis city code. We are still waiting on a few permits but we are still moving forward. The main water line has been installed and the HVAC systems are up and running. The walls has received  fresh coat of paint and the next task is to complete all plumbing systems. Continue to watch for update!!

Let Me Introduce Myself

This House Is For Sale

2748 Accomac Street St. Louis, Missouri 63104I know, I know…. You’re expecting to see pretty pictures and video of the house. It’s a reasonable assumption, but it’s not going to happen. YET!

The house at 2748 Accomac Street, St. Louis, Missouri 63104 is for sale, don’t get me wrong.

A Change Is Coming

However, the house will soon undergo renovation so it’ll be perfect for you when you’re ready to move in.

This blog will serve as your way of seeing the progress and changes as they happen. It’s better than an episode of a home improvement show!

You Can Be The First To See The House

You could also call the real estate agent Jim Sonnemaker (314-560-4393) for more information.

Better yet, plan to stop by sometime soon to take a look. It’s so pretty outside and there’s nothing on tv anyway.

Now scoot!!!

  • Attention Buyers

    The seller is offering a FREE, All Inlcusive Trip to Mexico or Las Vegas to whoever purchases this home. (A $2,500 Value)
    FREE All Inclusive Trip To Mexico For Home Buyer of 2748 Accomac Street, St. Louis, MO 63104
  • Attention Agents

    If you find a buyer that closes on this home, you will get a separate $3,000 AGENT BONUS, in addition to your 3% commission. (For a full price offer)
  • For More Info:

    Call: Jim Sonnemaker
    Click Here for more information
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