Feature: Water proofed basement
Function: No wet basement in this home
Benefit: You’ll have a dry basement in your home

Feature: Concrete slab next to steps in back of house
Function: Level ground at the bottom of the stairs in the back of the house
Benefit: Secure ground to walk on at the bottom of the stairs at the back of the house

Feature: Refinished stairwell
Function: New railing spindles and like new stairwell
Benefit: Safe, updated stairway from first floor to second floor

Feature: Eat in kitchen space and dining room, new appliances
Function: Updated kitchen
Benefit: Beautiful, like new kitchen to cook and eat in, dining room space to eat or entertain in

Feature: Deck outside of owner’s suite
Function: Outdoor space right outside main bedroom
Benefit: Convienient access to deck from owner’s bedroom